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Aims and Objectives

To represent the interest of Ratepayers and Residents in matters and issues relating to Local Government.

To take a narrow but fair focus
on Council and Management in order to improve performance and cost control.

To lobby and inform State and Federal Government Members when Council is failing in its obligations to Ratepayers and Residents.

To keep members informed of any situation where the action or inaction of Council/Management may be of concern.

To support other community organizations in the Shire when in pursuit of shared objectives.

To interview and assess candidates for Council prior to election and publish the Associations findings.

To be aware of relevant Federal, State and Local Government Acts and Regulations which have an impact on Council operations.

To monitor Council and Management observance of responsibilities.

To foster transparent, efficient and sensible Local Government by providing feedback to Council and Management.

To encourage the participation of young people to engage with the business of the Association.

To make Public Meetings free and open to all Residents and to invite media representatives to attend and report meetings.

New Ratepayers Association formed

At the Community Forum convened by Eurobodalla Council in March, 2010 to consider its Management Plan, which included an overall rate rise of 7.5% next year, there was much dissatisfaction expressed among the 70 ratepayers present concerning Council's performance and its attitude to the community.

There were many criticisms of Council's financial management, high staffing levels and dissatisfaction with its indifference to community opinions.

The consensus was that Council had become too big, too expensive, bureaucratic and isolated from the community it serves.

At the conclusion of the Forum there was a call for volunteers to form an ongoing Shire-wide community group to keep watch on Council to improve its performance. A small group has incorporated under the name Eurobodalla Ratepayers Association, adopted Aims and Objectives and started to work actively towards expanding its membership and seeking to improve governance in this Shire.

ERA now believes that a comprehensive external review of Council's financial and management proficiency is required.

The Association welcomes all members of the community, not just ratepayers.


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Some of the many tasks the ERA set out to achieve for their the Ratepayers of Eurobodalla:

- Monitoring Council decisions.

- Identifying wasteful spending

- Resisting Special Rate Variations

- Urging for an independent review of Council operations

- Opposing cuts to community facilities and services

- Promoting publicity about community needs

- Being ready to follow up your concerns

- Growing the size of our membership so we can influence Council decisions

How do we give Council the message to STOP SPENDING MONEY they don't have?

By demanding that when Council engages in community consultation the outcome truly reflects the community's input.

By reminding Council that ratepayers money is collected for the provision of essential services. Other spending needs to be contained.

By insisting on greater transparency of Council's Budgets and spending.

By encouraging Councillors to fulfil their responsibility to promote prudent governance and tight financial management.

By advocating an external review of Council's operations.

We need members who can be an active part of various committee activities.

If you have suggestions or want to help, please email us


Work with us towards a better local government in our beautiful shire!